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The construction sector of the Republic of Turkey is booming, and with the adoption of the law of property prices in Turkey is steadily increasing, making it very attractive for investment. If the seller is a natural person, immediately before the conclusion of the contract of sale be sure to check the package of documents which includes: passport holder, the registration certificate of ownership, certificate of BTI, extract from the Unified register of rights to immovable property and transactions with it – you must confirm that the property is not mortgaged or under arrest and is not encumbered with rights of third parties. The next opportunity to use the accommodations for the benefit of themselves — handing over flats to rent and make a profit. Better to check everything that applies to overdue payments and penalties which could ensue. When buying a home in installments may be a contract of sale, the preliminary contract of sale or contract of participation in share building.

The condition of housing. How to buy a house we'll talk another time, but today I'd like to elaborate on the topic of how to sell the apartment and how to sell the apartment without Agency assistance. Traces of fresh cosmetic repairs, such as new Wallpaper or interior doors, should alert you.

This, in my opinion, wrong. If the owner is married, require notarized consent of the spouse to the transaction for the disposal of the apartment. Now tips on how to properly sell the apartment itself. Theoretically, in a situation when the buyer suddenly unable to make the remaining payments, a transition to the mortgage loan, if the buyer has already made most of the necessary amounts. Well, another option is to purchase real estate with the help of mortgage lending. Costa Blanca is popular for its picturesque, charming bays, small towns located at the foot of the mountains, trails connecting the cities along the coast and many interesting attractions. Finances are invested for their own recreation, and for the purpose of obtaining profit in the future. And the third is the purchase of apartments for permanent residence. Of course, the owners will be against you, wanting to explore the wall, stripped of their Wallpaper to a purchasing decision.